Kumail has crafted a delicate podcast for BHA traveling between moods and textures. Perfect listening for any time of day, or night


Kumail ‘s 45-minute podcast is an accurate description of where the 22-year-old producer-DJ is at right now. His set travels through myraid peaks and troughs, crackles and hisses, and never lets you settle, like that pressure cooker that needs to give away one final whistle. Kumail’s mix has plenty of breathing room as well, much like his music itself (Check out his link LP released in February: https://soundcloud.com/kumailmusic), with its empasis on crafting moods and textures. It’s perfect listening for any time of day, or night.

How and where was the mix recorded?

The mix was initially recorded when I opened for (instrumental hip hop artist Dario Rojo Guerra) Flako but I made a few changes in my bedroom.


What was the idea behind the mix?

I wanted it to be a well balanced mix – kind of chill and kind of not.


How do you approach a DJ set compared to performing your own music?

When I play a DJ set I aim to make people dance. When it’s live, I want them to listen and pay attention.


What was the reaction to your Links album? Were you happy with the

feedback? What are you up to next?

The feedback has been great! I’m not very happy with the album (just over-thinking it, as most artists do). But I’m glad people are enjoying it! Up next, I’m focusing a lot more on my live set so that I can play it in different situations. I’m getting a four track EP together as well and It’s sounding really good!




1. New Haven – FaltyDL

2. 180°   – Thriftworks

3. Ghosts Part 2 – Shlohmo

4. Approaching Ends – Submerse

5. Ritual Howl – Shigeto

6. Catch Up – FFX

7. Drip Feed – Paleman

8. YRTM – Howie Lee Featuring I am Kaiju

9. Do My Thing – Shigeto

10. Minimal Of Tekhno- DJ Sanik

11. Fif Dim – Mndsgn

12. Snake Eyes – Kahn Feat. Jabu

13. Pendant (Remix for Dynoo) – MatthewDavid