The journey of a man on the cusp of another journey. Yes, it’s true.


The sounds of summer are now past us. After recent mixes from Sebastian Mullaert and Lazercat, our very own Loopkin steps up to the plate to knock out BHA Podcast #08, this one arriving right as he sets sail on another rich expedition – matrimony.

This podcast is a hypnotic call-and-response journey, a musical discussion per se, where tracks speak, reason and argue with each other. It’s the kind of spatial fragment in which you leave your thoughts to act as catalysts, each one being the root of a different point of view, all colliding and coalescing to evolve in an unpredictable manner. Spanning decades of tasteful electronic sounds from Kraftwerk circa 1981 all the way to the soporific, minimal stylings of Sebastian Mullaert’s latest release on M-nus, BHA Podcast 08 by Loopkin is yet another testament to the pliability of sound in relation to the elasticity of human musical tastes and ideas, a cosmic give-and-take of the highest natural order.

Kraftwerk – Boing Boom Tshack
Kraftwerk – Poket Calculator
M.A.N.D.Y. Julian Ganzer – Japan
Cesare vs Disorder & Mikael Stavostrand – La Plaisir
Kraftwerk – Aero Dynamik (The Portal Mix)
Gerd Janson – Credit Default Swap (LOPAZZ Snare Drum Mix)
Tale of us – Another Earth
Jimmy Edgar – Mercurio
A1 Bassline – Intasound
John Tejada – Timebomb (Vip Mix – DJ T. Edit)
Get Out Fight – Mineo
Harry Romero – Get Deep
Pig & Dan – Insomnia (Popof Remix)
Gorge – Tonight
Jimmy Edgar – Sex Drive (Jon Convex Remix)
Popof – Roxy
Slam – Human (Oxia_remix)
Marco Carola – Play It Loud
Truncate – Is It Skinny
Sebastian Mullaert & Patrick Siech – Genome 1 (Sebastian Mullaert Remake)