DATE:MAY 18TH, 2017

Cirrus Goa resident & Gandu Record co-founder, SNAD, delivers a smooth house mix where Chicago meets Berlin meets Goa


Bha:  can you give a little background on this podcast?

This podcast had definitely been on the back burner for a while. Between not having my technics in Berlin, waiting for a friend’s DJR-400 to be delivered, along with waiting for a fat discogs order it slowly got pushed further back. Finally it’s done because I am leaving back to America for techno christmas festivities (detroit). Basically I wanted to keep things house-y mixing new hits with some stuff I was really digging when I was in India 2 months back. In order to record the mix I agreed to clean a mate’s airbnb so I could use his technics… Hahaha….


Bha:  you co-founded Gandu Records with Iggy. What was the idea behind? Whats brewing there?

Gandu feels like so long ago… Iggy and I have been making tunes together for about 5 years now. We simply wanted our own avenue to put out material that we made, or that friends made… I’m sure we shopped bits of the Gandu01 for a minute and I’m very glad nobody came to their senses and snatched it up. “somewhere” on the HIGHway to Chapora was the first track I ever made with Iggy… And thus it was the perfect way to start our own imprint with a fuck all attitude


Bha:  you spend your time between goa, chicago, berlin.. how does place influence your music?

I jump around quite a bit yeah – place is more of a deadline than anything. Oh shit – my flight to the US is tomorrow, I have to pack records, record this mix, finish jams, etc. Moving around is the ultimate excuse to work with friends and family all over the globe. In this regard, I definitely get inspired and also get a taste of what records / vibes my friends in different places are digging. Simply put, my collaborations with my friends define the place I am in. Iggy and Avian in Goa, Jakob Seidensticker and Boronas in Hamburg, my buddy Red Tailed Hawk Luna in Chicago etc.


Bha:  whats next for you?

I got a solo EP landing on Finale Sessions sometime this year with artwork from avian (goa underground tribe). I also have a ton of split EPs with Jakob Seidensticker and Boronas on labels such as pleasure zone, minibar, bodyparts and a few others that should be coming out this summer/fall. The Gandu 3 is almost locked down and I feel very very good about the Gandu 4 – those should drop in due time. Otherwise I am just keeping my ears to the street, improving upon my record collection and taking every opportunity to jam with my homies around the world


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