Flying Club founder and Delhi based Selector, Vikram Singh AKA Mistress is set to play at our next edition of Heartbeat on 30th September alongside Bhavishyavani Mothership Captain – M.Mat. We took this opportunity to bring you all our latest Bhavishyavani Podcast with a couple of insights from Mistress himself. Treat yourself to this lush mix right here.


BHA: You have been making teaser videos for DJ Koze, documentary on BFR soundsystem , and also some video work with Lowlit Record among other music related video work, how did you catch the DJing bug? Tell us more about your infamous Flying Club parties?

Mistress: I started DJ-ing out of a simple need- there weren’t too many people playing the kind of music I wanted to dance to. It sounds a bit conceited, but I guess I was looking to recreate what I’d felt on my favourite dancefloors as a dancer. And I realized a lot of those moments, that music, only made sense in a context where you could play long and late into the night. That wasn’t a possibility in regular clubs here, so we created a small space where we could dance till the morning, a proper after-party with good sound, a good vibe which is essentially what the Flying Club is. I started playing there, and after that, I’ve had the chance to play elsewhere too, which still seems a bit surreal to be honest.

BHA: Could you talk a bit about the idea behind the selections in this mix?

Mistress: The mix for me is a night of dancing distilled into an hour. It starts on the street, a sound pulls you in and hopefully from there it travels to a few different places and energies. Needless to say, it’s the sort of stuff I dream of dancing to. And in the end, it comes to the morning. There’s no pressure to go hard or fast, the people that are still dancing are more open, more trusting. I love that moment, the freedom and sense of possibility. And I guess the journey to that place is what this mix is about.

BHA: What are you upcoming music project as director or Mistress?

Mistress: In terms of music projects, we’re hoping to reprise our collaboration with Magnetic Fields this year. Working with the festival last year was a really rewarding experience, especially making the MagneticMinute artist profiles. And with the lineup this year, can’t wait to get back. With Mistress- I’m really happy to have the chance to play more regularly. I like that it’s been an organic process so far. I’d like to see where it goes, I’m not pushing it any direction in particular. But working on a few different mixes, and I’m really enjoying that process.

Mistress will be joining M.Mat for our latest edition of Bhavishyavani Heartbeat on 30th Sept at Bonobo – Bandra