“The following playlist is a collection of songs, reflections, stories. I like to be lulled by something other than frenetic rhythm.
Silences matter to me. The slow sound of Nature, a kind of poetry which would melt into a computer system, into twisted LFO’s. Could concrete music, married to the digitalized technics of our time, be the music of tomorrow?
To keep the singularity of the things that surround us. Set them to music. Experiment, travel. That’s all.”
– Vyrann



Golden Arrow

What a heartbeat on a synthesizer would sound like. A journey that I’ll never get tired of: the inaugural treasure of Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington’s deceased side project: Darkside.



Black Lady's Home

A looming racket. A panting breathing. A voice echoes. Fear sets in. Yet, the fluid melody blends in both the depth of the bass and an almost incantatory chant.



Silverse (Dub Edit)

A beating and shaking sound. Pads are crazing to the drums’ sharp rhythm.



L'incroyable vie des choses

To listen to nature and the sound of everyday life. A leaking gas, singing birds, broken glass, a squeaking door, a cat eating, a baby laughing, a car alarm... A clever mixture of digital and concrete music takes place, giving birth to ‘transversal’ techno.
Jacques is an explorer. Jacques is a thinker. Jacques is a talker. Jacques inspires me.




Molecule went sound-fishing. During his 5 week-trip on a fishing boat in the midst of the North Atlantic Ocean, the artist collected soundscapes, atmospheres, close to the waves, scrap iron, wind, and storm. The result is an audacious and prodigious concept album of dub atmospheric techno.


Leon Vynehall

Midnight On Rainbow Road

A night trip on a deserted highway, illuminated by headlights. A city appears on the horizon.
A restrained masterpiece by the great Leon Vynehall.


Nils Frahm


I’ve always wondered what Chopin, Mozart or Beethoven would think of this kind of music. It feels like a direct evolution of their creations, but transposed in our modern world.
Why being too brutal when the essence of music can speak on its own? The simple melody of a classical piano dancing on electronic arpeggios. A grand finale in apotheosis, lasting to the final standing ovation.