DATE:JULY 27TH, 2017

In light of this month’s Heartbeat Party, we thought it would be only righteous, for Chhabb and Spacejams to give us a dose of the latest Weekly Cutz.



Escape From The Poison River (Artefakt Collage)

Im a heavy techno head...if its linear, dark and industrial, I like it. This one is a track from two techno artist I find most fascinating. There's so much soul in the pads and the tribal like drum loop is the kind of hypnotic consistency I like through a 130 bpm track - Chhabb



had to put another Artefakt ....they are surly my most played techno sound. This one is their latest...always the best use of modern acid lines in techno. This one is dreamy and so melancholic, perfect for sunrise - Chhabb

Robert Hood


This is on Dekmentals latest release. Robert Hood! The one and only...A Priest/techno legend who made me re-think my atheist view of life. He's a monster when it comes to making linear hypnotic techno. Its deep- but not dark at all...refreshingly optimistic sounding actually . I love the use of the main riff loop being modulated with the reverbs and envelopes and also the noise wave that comes in on every 32. Those hats too!!- Chhabb

Heiko Laux


Heiko is an acid war lord. This one is pounding and that acid line just gets deep inside your mind and body. Simple but so brilliantly arranged. It seems like a soundtrack to an intergalactic war zone! - Chhabb

Odes Of The Kabatians

Varsovie V

This EP is something else. The pads have a filter to the end of it's note which is so well timed...it's kinda the main riff of the track. I like the fact that the kick is off beat . This track has such an internal journey...I'm waiting to experience it on a dance floor. It's a perfect track from the closing set in the morning at Magnetic Fields or some surreal location - Chhabb


Mango Bay

come in early and get warmed up! - Spacejams



don't forget to stretch before you dance - Spacejams

Falty DL

Human Meadow (Luke Vibert Remix)

Timeless classic - Spacejams

The Chemical Brothers

Midnight Madness

Pure midnight madness - Spacejams

Armand Van Helden

You Don't Know Me

Do you? - Spacejams