This week, we are delighted to bring you a playlist curated by taste bud enhancer and food connoisseur, Chef Gresham Fernandes. For those that don’t know, Gresham is also a DJ and plays the groove at quite a few parties when he’s not spending time in the Kitchen. We thought it would be great to have him on board to serve you this week’s fresh cutz, from DJ Koze to Kohra x Blot to Recondite, it’s all in there. Get in and find out more!

You can also catch Gresham playing some music at the Khar Anti-Social terrace from 6-10pm on 13th August.


Matthew Herbert

It's Only (DJ Koze Remix)

deep melodic, lovely vocals. All I can say. Pure love.

Agustin Basulto

Prioridad (Original Mix)

Been playing his tracks for a while now, it all started with one of his tracks called 'slowly crop'. Really evolves as a track.


Shiromonaki (Blot Remix)

Flows really well into the track before (Prioridad). Was released back in 2011. Both Madhav and Gaurav have done a lot for the scene here, they have helped a lot with the way I play and shaped my idea of what sound should be. Also always a masterclass when they play back to back.



Warm, warm, warm.


Theater II

He is BOSS...love all of his productions. This ones new, so much of drama!!! a great journey, and Dystopian is my favourite label

Mathew Jonson & The Mole

Dirt Road And A Boat From Soundwave (Original Mix)

This is like two songs in one, somewhere in the middle he just pressed his distortion pedal and let it flow. I've seen him play live and its quite a sight.


Acommunicative Strategy (Original mix)

This is my sound, if I ever produce its going to be like this. Sounds great in a dark room full of sweaty people.


Termination Sequence (Original Mix)

A 2009 release. If you have danced at bamboo forest for a whole night you will connect right away.

Maceo Plex

The Tesseract (Original Mix)

Deep dark and love the way it starts. Very introspect kinda sounds

Joe Stawarz

M17 (Ambivalent's Byways Remix)

rolling bass line, tension release, melody....ummmmmm tasty