Moebius is Nikunj Patel – a graphic designer, animator, sound mangler and all round creative artist. Apart from keeping himself busy in the studio creating otherworldly visuals, we found him producing and releasing a dozen of forward thinking electronic music, at the opportunity of which we reached out to him to curate us a special playlist of music he’s been listening. Plug in.


Taylor McFerrin


A lesser known Taylor mcferrin gem which wasn’t on “early riser” featuring his father, Bobby McFerrin’s classic Vocalisation style

DJ JD Sports

Just A Little

Everyone knows what a genius this man is, but I do feel his other alter egos ought to be more celebrated. This one’s definitely a recurring favourite.

Hawk House

Chill Pill (Experiment 2)

Gotta love that UK flow with some serious groove. CAN NOT wait for new material by them.

Jesse Boykins III

Pantyhose - 8/16

Severely under-rated. this man has his rnb chops on point. No better word than sensual to describe all his music. This specific link however, is an alternate version that I like better than the album version.


More than just a friend

Smooth, mysterious and obscure, a song that I haven’t been able to shake off in years. Also, sexy as hell.

Roy Ayers Ubiquity

The memory

Timeless and groovy. This should definitely be considered an rnb classic with a catchy hook filled with longing. This, to me, strikes a perfect balance between edgy and popular.

Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda


After stumbling onto his live set for resident advisor, I couldn’t get this tune out of my head. Incredibly cinematic.



Never heard anything like this before. This level of vocal prowess is rare and so is such production, that is commanding but yet, puts the vocals at the forefront so effectively.

Hurt Everybody

Taxsn ft. Martin $ky

A heavier, mean little tune that I like to listen to when I want a quick rush of blood to the head.


In Paradisum

This man put out a bunch of tracks years and years ago and then just vanished. This specific tune is from an album where he seems to have sampled a ton of gregorian chants and has tastefully paired them with brooding beats and pads.